Ellimetal was founded in Ellikom in 1964 by the Geerkens family. During the first years they concentrated on the construction of feed silos for cattle farming.


As plastic silos became more popular in this sector, Ellimetal shifted its attention to the more demanding petrochemical industry using high-quality silos made from aluminium and stainless steel.


Parallel to this evolution, Ellimetal, under the lead of Mr. Lambert Geerkens, started to make pressure equipment. Working with international standards and codes, complex computer aided designs, document control...  became a normal way of doing business.


With a balanced and judicious investment policy the company was developed into a hypermodern global player in its sector.


Today Ellimetal is lead by an ambitious management team aiming for the highest customer satisfaction. The specialized experience of all employees, a focus on top quality combined with our ultra-modern manufacturing facilities have earned worldwide appreciation.